DEBUTS are usually formal occasions with the debutante in her flowing designer gown with the proverbial cotillion-but not for Karen. She wanted something different and totally different it was!!! The invite said it all!!! The theme was the emergence of a rock star...with everyone requested to come in either black or white or both. The party was at the Sugarland Hotel and the venue had flaming reds and as accent to the black and white décor.

Instead of receiving guests at the door, Karen makes her dramatic entrance perched in a motorcycle with Dad, Arcline, manning the huge bike to the delight and awe of her guests!!! Speaking of wowwers...indeed, this is a departure from the norm. And being the honoree of the celebration, she was robust in her screaming red outfit in contrast to the sea of ebony and ivory that the guests donned.

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The motorcycle became a favorite prop for everyone to have a photo opt before going home. Even I had a moment with the bike!!!

Karen is a typical teenager who loves to hang out with her close friends or drive around the city. But she likewise affords herself some quiet time to center her balance as well as focus on the direction of her young life. Fashionable in her own right, she enjoys creating graphic designs with the aid of the net.

A graduate of St. Scholastica's Academy Bacolod for both her grade school and high school education, Karen is currently taking Operations Management in the University of St. La Salle. Her classmates in both former and present school plus mentors were visibly present to be with Karen in this special occasion. Giving a very supportive hand to the celebration is Ninoy Ed Alunan who has seen this tiny tyke grow into a lovely and responsible lady.

After the sumptuous dinner, the program commenced still with the "rockstar" concept. The 18 candles, 18 roses, 18 treasures came with a twist which Karen herself masterstroked. Then there was the dance with Dad, which made Mom, Lillibeth quite emotional but tried to hold back her tears.

Mom's message of hope and trust that she will achieve her dreams with the perseverance and hard work that Karen exerts with every project. She likewise assured her ance that she will always be enveloped with their love and support which will be her armor as she sails through life to reach her "star".

Dad on the hand encouraged her to remain loving and caring to her family and friends; to face life's blessings and opportunities with gratitude; to embrace the challenges and difficulties that will come whether we like it or not, even disappointments with boyfriends) with courage. Typical of a Dad, he reminded her to never forget her GOD because only through HIM and with HIM can she reach all what she is praying for!!! To end the melancholy mood, Arcline sang "Beautiful in my Eyes"R which this time brought tears to Mom Lillibeth's eyes.

Two her grade school teachers Ms. Loplop and Ms. Sucaldito also shared some inspirational messages. After the emotional moments, it was dance, dance, dance until the wee hours of the morning!!! To Karen the debutante, many more rocking happy days to come as you dance through the many stages of life!!!