A GROUP of artists recently brought back to our doors a style of visual art known as realist painting. You may have missed the show, but you can still savor the beauty of the interplay of colors through the paintings featured here.

The group was a circle of artist friends led by celebrated and award winning realist Romulo Galicano. The show was entitled “Bag-ong Hinan-aw” or new perspectives.

Galicano was joined in by Jun Impas, Boy Briones, Carly Florido, Jonathan Galicano, Dong Tallo and Pepe Villadolid.

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The show, held at SM North Wing, was an adherence to tradition. There was nothing rebellious and revolutionary in the paintings. However, it stuck to the path of realism (a style that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see). It paved the way for the continuity of the realist genre into the new decade.

Realism in Cebu has a very strong following. That’s because Cebu has always been a bastion for conservative art. The pictorial, pastoral, the parochial and provincial nature of the exhibit made focus on preserving delicate landscape and eroding traditions and values.

The selected artists on show were (and still are) all adroit in portraying the figurative style of painting. Their skillful hands handled the medium well.

Even in a modern and urban city like ours, conservative realism is still very much alive and kicking. Realism can very well stage a come back and renew interest among younger artists. So there—if realism is your cup of tea, then these artists have shown you the way. Now could be a time for a revival.