REVIEW your law was Malacañang’s retort Saturday to presidential bets who vowed to pursue charges against would-be predecessor Gloria Arroyo.

Deputy presidential spokesman Ricardo Saludo said most of the presidentiables who made the claim at a forum in Manila Friday may betray their “vindictive” character.

“They should review their law. The one who decides whether to try charges against a person is not the president but the courts,” Saludo said in a radio interview.

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Most of the presidential aspirants who attended the forum held at the De La Salle University in Manila had said they will hold President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo accountable once her term ends on June 30.

Saludo said a president who vows to pursue charges against Arroyo may be influencing the judiciary. “If a president says he or she will personally pursue charges against a certain person… that is interfering with the judiciary’s processes.”

He added that administration bet Gilberto Teodoro Jr. likely had this in mind when the former Defense chief said he will let the justice system do its work and will not interfere.

“If a president interferes with the judiciary’s work, he is also promoting an agenda of vengeance,” Saludo further said.

The Palace official also stressed that Filipino voters are now looking for character, and not vengeance, in a candidate.

He said even the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines had exhorted its flock to make choices based on conscience, and not survey results of winnability. (JMR/Sunnex)