MUSIC is the highest form of art. It touches the soul and inspires the finest emotions in an individual.

On February 3, 2010, at 3:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m., different Baguio artists will perform a whole gamut of music that will inspire the different emotions on its audience.

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There will be the singing priests with the parish priests raising the country spirit in the audience. The rustic life and love expressed will fill the Saint Louis University Center for Culture and Arts as the priests sing familiar songs.

Bishop Carlito J. Cenzon, CICM, will sing old standards with the Brevarians. The old songs will turn the hands of time to the era when songs told of the wonders of life. The Brevarians, young and talented young ladies of the Baguio Cathedral parish present their rendition of popular songs of old. Agatha on the other hand sings of love and hope. She brings the performance to contemporary musical times.

The Kinnoboyan, as the name inspires, giddyups the hall in the rhythm of the life in the pastoral mountains of the Cordillera. The tunes will surely make the natives of the region sing along. Then the shift into the classical music comes in the second part when Baguio tenor Juan Alberto Gaerlan lifts music to its highest form. He is joined by Kay Balajadia iggayu and Lita Eugenio, the sopranos of Baguio City as they sing Broadway songs and other musical scores.

But the finale of one song to bind all will be something to listen to. It should be a date with the Baguio Cathedral International Music Festival Foundation as the group attempts to bring music to everyone's listening pleasure.


Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center will bloom on February 3 too at noon when it celebrates 108 years. Inspiring the creation of a Hillstation, the BGHMC will celebrate with a fund-raising for medicine money for indigent patients by the BGHMC Advisory Board.

This is Baguio, the private citizens help government with many projects that it cannot fund. The medicine fund somehow augments the medicine needs of patients in their dire need. It may not be much but it is something to spare a family of P600 that they need to buy medicine.

I was struck by the comment made by my good friend Architect Boy Ocampo when he said that it seems that I do not do anything but raise funds. Come to think of it, what he said is not far from the truth. I am always raising funds for this charity and that. I guess, that is a disease that is so terrible to some people, particularly to people who have a lot of money that they can't spare some.

At breakfast, Tootee Pacis said I seemed to be everywhere when I mentioned that I was meeting with lawyer Dammy Bangaoet the following day and maybe I could request for free space during the Session Road in bloom for the Benguet Women Livelihood Association that we were busy helping too. I said that I was meeting him for the last meeting of the BGHMC AB before the luncheon on February 3. I got stunned and indeed, how can I be busy to fill up the hours of my day from one meeting to another for charity work.

I am sad that I have not been able to meet with the Burnham Park Fencing Committee regularly these past weeks. But when they need my help, it is not far in coming.

Yes, my friend Boy. I am always raising funds for one group or another because the government is not able to sustain the needs of the people. I do not mind the work I put in but I do mind when people who have not given much are the first to complain about the work that they do for free.

I cannot refuse invitations to join one group or another because I know that I am needed and my work is valuable to them.

I am happy that God continues to give me the strength to do the work. How can I really complain? I am only on a mission.