LA TRINIDAD Mayor Romeo Salda has signed an executive order setting rules and regulations governing the conduct of proceedings of the anti-illegal structures committee to address illegal squatting activities in the Valley.

The seven-page order manifest the proper mitigating measures and the procedure to eradicate and possible demolition of illegal structures.

The order includes the creation of the anti-illegal structures committee as the investigative authority headed by the municipal administrator as chairman and the municipal legal officer as the alternate chairperson.

“Anti-illegal structures committee will hear citizens’ complaints made by the Office of the Building officials against illegally constructed houses, buildings, structures or improvement on private and government lands to the municipality and make the necessary recommendations to the executive chief,” the order reads.

The Benguet capital town seeks to clear both public and private lands, streets and sidewalks of all obstructions and illegal structures to ensure property rights are protected.

“Setting up and construction of illegal structures in both public and private lands may increase to the prejudice of the public and legitimate land landowners deprived right to peacefully utilize, possess, and enjoy the same similarly structures without the necessary permits may pose a danger to the life and limb of the members of the community as they have not passed through necessary sanctions and controls,” the order adds.

Following a deliberation and investigation, a committee will submit their findings whether the respondent built the structures without a permit and should be recommended for demolition or not.

The demolition team will be spearheaded by the town’s building official assisted by the personnel of La Trinidad Municipal Police Station.

In the order, each case will be decided and recommended to the mayor within 30 days from the time the respondents submitted position papers to the committee.