I WOULD like to comment on the recent media storm against President Rodrigo Duterte’s response and on Davao City being top 1 as having the most number of rape cases in second quarter of 2018.

The 42 rape cases in Davao would cover those filed and officially reported. Meaning these women were brave enough to fight back as they trust the government authorities and their local justice system.

But I'm sure there are more rape victims in other areas or cities all over the Philippines who are just afraid and who chose to be silent for fear of condemnation by the society and even by their families. Besides, the 42 cases in Davao is followed by 41 in Quezon City, 32 in Manila, 24 here in Cagayan de Oro and 21 in Zamboanga. These figures (note the 1-case difference between Davao and Quezon City) should not be a basis to say that these top-5 cities are unsafe for women or that their respective police authorities are lousy. For all we know, there may be limitations brought forth by our current constitution and penalty system which still encourage the rapists to do their thing.

Instead of blabbing over Duterte’s witty comments & gestures, the Human Rights Group and Women's Groups should go around the Philippines and intensify their information drive on teaching women on self-defense and encouraging rape victims to file a case.

They should go around and not just focus in Davao or Quezon City. Of course it is expected that the recorded cases in Davao are high because the women there are brave already. And with PRRD's comments about having pretty girls in Davao, does that also mean there are as much beautiful ladies in Quezon City, Manila, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga? Actually, there are no ugly women, each woman is unique, and it depends on the eyes of the beholder.

Hay naku! Some people just don't see outside and inside of the box or what can be made using that box. What they only see is just the box. Anyway, "evils triumph, if good men do nothing.