WHAt we do in life, echoes in eternity.

Resuscitating a vanishing band like Scoop-Bacolod is good news. It is like hearing NPC Secretary Mae Esteron out of ICU and Henry Villalva back at his boarding house at Mason's compound.

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With invisible ex-officio George Liza giving his blessings to go ahead what is good for Scoop, and with missing council of ex-presidents' silent prayers for a revival, Jerome Galunan, Jr. of Sun Star Bacolod and James Toga of Negros Daily Bulletin came out the popular choice.

What is lacking or already drained from the blood of the "old" Scoopers, the duo will provide. Both are young, energetic, full of ideals and ideas and most likely not "madaya".

After all, what is there for the duet to take? With no bank account to play with; with zero budget and nothing to start with, who cares? Their call was simply to reorganize.

Those who came, aside from the two mentioned above, were defeated Negros Press Club presidential bet Henceboy Cestina, NPC past president Cyrus Garde and this writer.

Gil Severino was already at the table sandwiched by Henceboy and James inside the cafeteria. He has nowhere to go. He can't and will not go up. Mayor Bing was on the second floor of the NPC building as guest of Negros Daily Bulletin's 50th anniversary.

And so we did what we are supposed to do in life. What will echo in eternity, that remains to be seen.

For now, this writer has nothing to audit. There is nothing to investigate in Scoop's coffer. And Treasurer Henceboy has nothing to report. We all have not paid our annual dues yet.

Those past members and officials of this group of sports journalists will have to decide on their own. The current officers will also decide whom to accept, depending on the former Scoopers interest and coverage.

There is no such thing as Scoop block in NPC elections. We have now new kids on the block who will blacken the names of their "teammates" no longer in love with sports.

- - - take 3 - - - -

For years I failed to attend an NDB affair. Now I did and it happened to be their golden anniversary last Saturday at NPC building. It was a coincidence SCOOP had a meeting on the ground floor.

It was heartwarming to hear from Chairman of the Board Rolly Espina, president Pert Toga and consultant William Henry O. Streegan, how my late father-in-law Lino V. Moles founded this successful local newspaper.

The messages of candidates Wilson Gamboa, Jr. and Monico Puentevella were full of encouragement and praises for those stalwarts of NDB. Both went ahead not partaking the lechon and the sumptuous food prepared by the NDB and Toga family.

What caught my attention were the pictures of NPC past presidents hanging on the wall. Nong Rolly Espina (1971-74) and So-on Pert Toga (1974-75) were sandwiched by the late Joe Natalaray (1970-71) and my godfather Daddy Monet Padilla (1975-76).

Below was the more intriguing lineup. Mode Sao-onoy (1982-83), Monico Puentevella (1983-84), WHO Streegan (1984-85) and Evelio Leonardia (1985-86).

MPS seems to elbow MOP while WHO is giving ERL a tiger look. Emcee Eugene Adiong had a good laugh but only tokayo WHO was there to wince.

Strange but God has a way of playing tricks with men's destiny. He allowed those photos to be hanged for us to see and smile upon.