Thursday, September 20, 2018

Grab eyes bringing non-transport services in Oro

GRAB Philippines, one of the biggest ride-hailing apps in Asia, is planning to expand its non-transport services to Cagayan de Oro City, one of the “priority cities” of the company.

“We now have delivery services, we now have GrabFood, and we now have GrabPay,” Raenald de Jesus, deputy country marketing head of Grab Philippines, said.

Grab's non-transport services include: GrabExpress, GrabFood, and GrabPay.

GrabExpress is a delivery service that Grab is currently running to provide convenience to its clients. By booking on the app, the customers can send items like documents, parcels, and gifts to their business partners or loved ones.

GrabFood is a service that connects local food businesses to people. When a client or customer place an order with GrabFood, the company will receive it, send it off to the restaurant and assign a GrabFood delivery partner to pick up the order and bring it to the client.

GrabPay is a mobile wallet that offers a cashless transaction using the GrabPay credits. Grab app users can also link their credit or debit cards for seamless payment. The client can also send and receive GrabPay credits they need to.

“Eventually, if the whole ecosystem is now working, Grab is the only app that you'll need everyday,” De Jesus said.

According to Grab's deputy country marketing head, Cagayan de Oro City is one of their priority cities due to its market potential and growth.

“We see a lot growth from it. From a user perspective, I feel like it’s a very vibrant market. And it’s something that shows a lot of potential for us, not just from a transport perspective but from food, rewards, and payments perspective,” De Jesus said.

He added that they are planning to introduce Grab's non-transport services to Kagay-anons in 2019.

“I've only been here for close to three years and those things have launched already so we work fast and I've always want to expand all the services here in CDO (Cagayan de Oro),” De Jesus said.

He also shared that they is an ongoing discussing with some telcos in order for them to provide a service wherein the client can book Grab without the need for data for a certain limit.

“The future of Grab really is about telling you more about what is Grab beyond transport,” De Jesus said.