Thursday, September 20, 2018

A quick guide to Cebu's emerging food market scene

Tambayan Food Park Bulacao Pardo (Photo from Facebook page)

THE local food market scene is booming — although that seems a little of an understatement considering that just last month two food markets opened. But it’s no wonder why this concept has been embraced so warmly by Cebuanos. It solves the one big problem we always encounter when dining out: What do I want to eat?

In a food market, you can take your pick among the many stalls, make multiple stops to get your top choices and indulge in a feast, whether it’s solo, with a date, with family or with friends. The question becomes: What do I want to eat first? If you’re a food market virgin, you’re in luck because below, SunStar Weekend round-up some of Cebu’s popular food markets.

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