EVER craved for home-cooked fresh shrimps for dinner but, alas, a visit to the wet market is out of the way? Or, did your vegetable and meat supplies run out in the middle of the week, so you end up splurging at the grocery because a trip to Bankerohan, Davao’s largest public market, can be such a hassle?

Get ready for a life-changing experience as Palengke Boy, the Philippines’ first and only wet market site accessed via www.palengkeboy.com, iOS and Android apps, becomes your family’s dependable digital wet market buddy.

“After our launch last July in Davao City, downloads on our Android app have reached more than a thousand with 500 of those apps already used to order with us”, says Palengke Boy’s founder Hanz Concepcion. Joining him in this worthwhile endeavor are seasoned website, mobile app and POS developers Francis Adan and Ariz Gayorgor.

Digital bayong

Palengke Boy’s digital palengke store hours are from 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday, with deliveries up to 9:00 p.m.

I typically use the Palengke Boy Android app after my kids leave for school right before 7:00 a.m.

Conveniently divided into different sections such as meat, seafood, fruit, spices, vegetable, and others (e.g., lumpia wrapper, fresh mami, cooking oil, rice, and egg), Palengke Boy offers a cornucopia of choices from each section just like navigating through the wet market myself, sans the traffic and heavy baskets.

It only takes me between 5 and 10 minutes from the time I place my order to the time I check out my digital bayong. Options for payment include cash on delivery and bank transfers through BPI, BDO, and Metrobank.

Regular updates regarding the status of the orders are sent through text message and e-mail to the customers. Within 3 to 5 hours, our orders are carefully delivered in Palengke Boy’s environment-friendly plastic bags right at our doorsteps for just P8 delivery charge in selected coverage areas. Truly amazing!

100% fresh at wet market prices

“Our market purchasers are moms and dads who have ample experience in dealing with real wet market scenarios, specifically in ensuring quality and right weight”, assures Hans.

“Palengke Boy’s prices are at par with Bankerohan market prices because it does not keep goods for inventory, hence, the market directly dictates the price. Secondly, wet market landscapes will tell you that there are places where goods can be bought directly, so we get each category in specific places”, he explains.

Although perfecting a system that is new can be a heart-pounding exercise, Hans feels very fulfilled when he and his team receive touching messages from grateful stay-at-home moms who have no yayas; children who can now do marketing for their old folks even if they are out of the country; and satisfied customers who appreciate the additional savings and convenience because of the efficient service.

Certainly, Palengke Boy does not only deliver a digital bayong brimming with our household’s much-needed supplies at just a click away but more importantly, the enjoyment of memorable family meals that spell quality time.

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