THE Xavier University Glee Club (XUGC) took pride in representing Cagayan de Oro City by showcasing their musical and vocal prowess in front of an international audience on September 6 to 8 in Semarang City, Indonesia.

XUGC was part of the 48 choirs that competed for the Soegijapranata Choral Festival. Among them, XUGC was the only choir from the Philippines and outside Indonesia.

Soegijapranata Choral Festival was organized by the Soegijapranata Catholic University’s Gratia Choir, which, according to the university’s rector Dr. F Ridwan Sanjaya, is “one of the most successful student organizations on campus."

“[The choral festival] is the first international art event to be held in the university,” Sanjaya said in his statement.

“We recognize that promoting the success of students and creating a favorable campus atmosphere is not dependent solely on academic activities, but is also by giving students the opportunity to develop their interests and talents in other areas as well,” he declared.

Pride of XU and CDO

Bearing the name of the university in city-wide, regional, national, and international performances and competitions is not foreign for XUGC.

In 2008, the choir pitched silver during the Asian Choir Games. They were also the champion during the Tagum City Himig Handog chorale tilt in 2017.

This year, the choir raises their tone for the Mixed Choir and Folklore categories in the Soegijapranata Choral Festival. The festival is composed of eight categories: Kindergarten, Children Choir, Teenage Choir, Mixed Youth Choir, Mixed Choir, Equal Voices, Sacred Music, and Folklore.

“It was Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts director Hobart Savior who informed our musical director Vic Angelo Atilano about the competition [months ago],” XUGC president Mc John Eudes Muring said.

Composed of mixed members such as Xavier Ateneo students and alumni whose talents and skills in music are devoted to XUGC, the choir presented solemn songs of Maguindanaoan, Ilocano, and T’boli music.

The choir did not only setting their sight over the prize but also introduced and featured the Philippines’ diverse and authentic indigenous culture to an Indonesian crowd.

“Our musical director, alumni, and XUGC council encouraged us to be committed for the competition,” Muring added. The Education major also shared that the members were grounded on the values of unity and connectedness despite differences in schedule during rehearsals.

XUGC was grateful for the support they had received. Besides constant rehearsals, the XUGC performed two send-off concerts last August, and also sang hymns in masses held in San Lorenzo Ruiz Church, the Rock of Chapel, and Xavier University Church.

For the festival, XUGC held on to faith, as Muring said, “God has provided us with resources that will suffice our need for the competition.” (PR)