THE very versatile painter Anthony Fermin has thought of something new. He calls his show at the Canvas Bistro Bar Gallery at the Ayala Terraces as “On The Spot,” a most unlikely title any artist will choose for an exhibit.

Well, Fermin has just done it and has done it his way. With him is Moreen Austria as a guest artist. The art pieces form part of a collection of Fermin’s thumbnail sketches and paintings made as impressions and souvenirs from his travels.

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This wanderlust has perhaps shown his works all over the world. He has had many shows in Manila, Bacolod and in other islands in the past. He has even toured Europe many years ago and painted the places he visited there.

The title of the exhibit alludes to Fermin’s swift, continuous and spontaneous handling of his brushstrokes. The artist created for the show the images of the islands in his dreams and consistently made depictions of festive life. His colors are those that bring life—or the illusion of it—in movement and form.

Fermin has gone a long way from a being landscape painter, who has since evolved into his own distinct style of figurative expressionism.

His art has matured, making it more free and confident. This guy will be going places and will reach far maybe even farther than where his dreams take him.