Thursday, September 20, 2018

De Leon: Goyo: The millennial general?

Millennial Chat

LADIES and gentleman, mga kababayan. He’s the youngest recognized hero of our nation. A man who in his twenties, tried to live up to the “entitlement” of becoming a general- an eagle who was expected to soar higher more than anyone.

But if he’s a millennial probably:

1. He’ll start his day scrolling among his newsfeed, liking memes and sharing vines to lighten up his mood. He’d strike up a “convo” on messenger or Tinder only to leave these dazed women craving for more of his gentlemanliness.

2. He’ll be a backpacker whose Instagram (IG) feed is filled with posts of travels and outdoors. He’ll be a weekend escapist who wants to break out, once in a while from the weighing tasks on his shoulders, to forget the troubled dull life back in reality.

3. He’d probably be a Dota or Mobile Legends player. A marksman or a last hitter? Who knows?

4. Maybe his IG stories and Facebook My Day would be filled with rhetoric questions on love and life.

5. He’d be that overworked newly-hired employee- trying to impress everyone on his first day and wanting to learn so more from his seniors if given the chance. He’ll be exceeding the requirement of his duty. Nonetheless, all he really wants is to receive affirmation from his troop. He’ll be excited with a promise of a higher position, not knowing that there will be too much politics, torment and gossips by fellow co-workers waiting for him.

But just like anyone of us, these do not summarize who Goyo really is. I mean come on now. He’s just in his early twenties – “adulting” as we call it – battling for personal relevance while balancing the demands of society and still proving to everyone that there is more that can be done aside from that terribly misunderstood YOLO (You only live once) mindset.

Goyo truly represents every one of us who are undergoing an immense period of reconstruction – a defining process, although overlooked by many.

In his struggling times, we could only pray that Goyo will be better understood rather than vilified, empathized rather than being misquoted and devalued.

Moreover, may we all find who we really are and share a part of us in becoming agents of change to the lives of others and in making this nation a better place to live in.


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