Thursday, September 20, 2018

Oro, DOE conduct inspection of gas stations

A TEAM from the Department of Energy (DOE) and the City Price Coordinating Council (CPCC) conducted inspections to some 18 gasoline stations Wednesday, September 12, around the city amid clamor on the rising prices of gasoline.

Lawyer Edgardo Uy clarified that Wednesday's inspection was done to make sure that gasoline stations are compliant with the Philippine National Standards for fuels, particularly to check if their calibration is within the DOE's allowed calibration.

Rodolfo Leal Jr., DOE's science research specialist, said the inspection teams verified that the quantity or amount of fuel dispensed from gas stations to the customer's vehicle is “accurate.”

Leal said all of the gas stations they inspected Wednesday are compliant, noting only minor violations like the failure of posting the Certificate of Compliance from the DOE.

“We will send them later and have them comply with that certificate they need to operate,” Leal said.

The fuel products dispensed also passed DOE's quality standards, he added.

Uy said that the inspection of calibrations is done regularly by the City Finance Office, but pointed out that there are surprise inspections conducted from time to time.

“This is also public awareness to business establishments, they should be thankful that the government is keeping watch because when they are compliant, they should be proud to say that to their customers. In the same way, inspections are also made to protect our consumers,” he added.

City Councilor George Goking said he will wait for the recommendations from the CPCC and DOE and see how the City Council can help ensure compliance among the gas stations.