Saturday, September 22, 2018

Vinluan: Exercise a factor for survival

Sports Psychology

LIKE the weather, workout trends seem to start from the west and move to the east, picking up steam as it is being introduced and made known to people and seemingly becomes like a fad that people flock to gyms, fitness clubs, run the streets, etc. maybe to get a feel of what the new trend in workout routines can provide.

These activities are everywhere, you can tell from packed gym classes, casual conversations about trainers, hiking trails, or spa getaways, exercise get people moving, they find ways to fit in their fitness activities before they fill up their schedule for the day.

In health and fitness, it does not matter who you are, it is at heart, one of aesthetics where everyone, even those on the perimeter looking in realizes that the body is the most important billboard for ones’ personality and where the only intriguing difference is attitude. The body is the most visible showcase of a person, basically the substance begins at the surface, and to be appearing in shape, one has to take that extra effort.

However, vanity can lead to its own clichés, from breast implants to hair transplants fat burning pills, liposuction etc., these artificial body reconstruction and repairs are temporary stereotyped solutions for maybe those “busy like a bee” persons who has the financial capabilities and wanting their body to look like in tip-top shape, fast and easy.

We all want to be healthy and fit, but fit for what? With all the modern alternatives, a vast majority of people prefers to do the ordinary exercises that would fit their lives. The kinds of exercise that make them sweat for fun and health. Where people enjoy their daily exercise routine and where they keep trying hard to be in pace with their goals, then they can be comfortable because they challenge time in order to be fit for life.

People always hold on to the idea of exercise, they join fitness clubs, run, walk; they play aerobic sports like basketball etc. but when reality creeps, exercise is always pulled off and people give way to deadlines, kids, travel etc. Always, we give time to our duties and priorities; and exercise is always placed on the last of our to-do list.

We make time for everything, but in some ways exercise is self-seeking. However, exercise is the best investment we can make for oneself, and is something you must do to stay healthy and strong, and the better to take care of everything and everyone around you, taking one step forward to find time to exercise, after all we live in an environment where exercise is a primordial factor to survive.