Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Eastern Mindanao troops remain loyal to Constitution

AMIDST President Rodrigo Duterte’s claim of an ouster and destabilization plot against him, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) said they will remain loyal to the Philippine Constitution.

During the AFP-PNP press conference Wednesday, September 12, at The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Chief Inspector Milgrace Driz, Police Regional Office (PRO)-Davao spokesperson, said that they will follow the President as authority mandated by the Constitution.

“We do not tolerate any movement, rather, we are supporting the Constitution mandated to us,” Driz said, adding they fully support the President as long as he has constitutional authority.

Lieutenant Colonel Ezra Balagtey of the East Mindanao Command said they will remain solid professional and focused on the mission to secure the communities.

He said they are still undivided so there is no way for coup d'état to happen and they have been conducting loyalty check every week by swearing allegiance of oath to the flag and the Constitution.

PRO-Davao and the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) also said they have been checking their men’s loyalty regularly.

“Kung may pagbabago man ng leadership let it happen in the most legal way,” Balagtey said, adding that they do not want their transformation be wasted.

He said the AFP-PNP has gone far in terms of development and transformation during the administration of Duterte so they will not be part of any political objective of any group.