Thursday, September 20, 2018

'Wearable art' by The Fore

IN Cebu recently was Kim Jones, creative director of The Fore, for a trunk show of her accessories collaboration with Ken Samudio, a former marine biologist who has metamorphosed into a highly successful accessories designer.

In an interview with the press before the opening of the show, Jones revealed that The Fore has been in her mind for some five years. She thought of the company as an e-commerce platform to bring to “the fore” a series of design collaboration, redefining the conventional notions of the digital retail space through championing slow, intentional and conscious consumption. It is also meant to highlight fledgling designers from anywhere around the world so they will have international recognition.

She chose to collaborate with Samudio because of his “deep understanding of his product and brand ethos” and she was fascinated by his marine biology background and how this translated into accessories. For her part of the collaboration, Jones’ inspirations were her favorite artists. They have produced a collection inspired by abstract expressionism which “highlights and celebrates the soul of a slower, thoughtful creative process. The intricacy of it all; the process it went through; the product is a fruition of dedication and authentic craftsmanship.”

And so the press were ushered to The Pig & Palm showroom to get a look see at this collection. About a dozen stands showcased each statement ear pieces, abstract in design, mostly in white with some touches of blue and bright red, all made from acrylic cellulose (the material for eye glass frames) with gold-plated brass backings. The pieces evoked a feeling of youthfulness, vitality and joy.

Jones said that every purchase is a set of four, two primary pieces and two smaller ones. They can be worn altogether or by twos, they can be used asymmetrically, or they can be placed any which way the wearer fancies to create her own art piece and be part of The Fore’s creative process.