Thursday, September 20, 2018

Chacapna: Batang Pinoy and holes in public schools

Half Naked

CONTINUATION...The exact expenses in the conduct of Batang Pinoy can be determined if all components are added. That is, if (Department of Education) (DepEd), LGUs and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) contributions are well accounted, specifically from the salaries of PSC employees, payments made to coaches and officials up to the incentives given to athletes including foods and venues.

PSC’s allocated budget is about 200 million, plus another millions from its share in the PCSO operations, horse racing and the likes. At least P28 million was allotted for the support of grassroots program, where Batang Pinoy is among the key strategies in the program. This sports fund although in Millions may be the lowest in south East Asia.

Singapore and Thailand allocations are in billions. So, the sad part is that PSC is planning to suspend Batang Pinoy next year. Hence, funds and other resources will be used for the Palarong Pambansa.

Speaking of construction projects, someone might call on the attention of the ASS (Administrators, Supervisors, and Superintendents) on why there are so many holes dug in one public school. Obviously, the reason can be seen on the underground pipes being laid to resolve sagging communication and electrical lines. But, as observed by the Employee Association president, the purpose is noble yet the timing is ill–mannered due to inconveniences. Science, Technology and Livelihood Education teachers keep on emphasizing safety and virtuous planning to the young minds.

Illogically, there are educated adults who will move heaven and earth just to prove that summer or vacation, when students are not around, is not enough to make construction projects.

Here’s a joke from Apo Macalintal to liven up these sad conditions. In ascending to Baguio via Naguilian, a retired mentor, with his 1975 Mazda twin turbo pickup has just overtaken a Philex Volvo truck. A rookie patrolman in Banangan view deck noticed the over speeding mentor and using his Kawasaki 1974 Mach bike went on to give a chase. In the side mirror, the mentor spotted the chasing policeman and so, he increased the 180 kph speed to 200kph. Too old and tired of the car chase and somewhere in Cooyesan, the mentor pulled over then waited for the policeman to catch up. To be continued...