Thursday, September 20, 2018

International gateway

WITH the vast business opportunities for the tourism sector in Mindanao, Davao is eyed to be an international gateway, creating more accessible avenues to different parts of Mindanao, a top franchising officer said.

“I feel there must be an international gateway in Mindanao and I think Davao should be (it),” Philippine Franchise Association founding president and chairman emeritus Samie Lim said in an interview during the 27th Mindanao Business Conference on Thursday, September 13, at Big 8 Corporate Hotel, Tagum City.

Lim added the proposed new international gateway for Mindanao will also cater to the following factors: arrival where development of international airlines and cruiselines must be organized; access to road infrastructures which will generate more road networks and bridges to different destination in Mindanao; and accommodation which will entail development in the hotel sector of the island.

“We are trying to raise $20 billion investments for tourist destinations. And we hope Davao and Tagum will be part of these destinations,” Lim added.

This investment will also result into generating tourism enterprises employing 15 million Filipinos from the tourism destinations in the country.

In order to establish the international gateway, Lim said, provinces in Mindanao should also find out their own highlight to promote tourism in their place.

“Then after that, what is really the attraction of the place? In Davao it is very clear, from the islands to the highlands within 30 minutes. That’s why we are here to find out what is really the world-class tourist attraction,” Lim added.

Lim also said that investors for this plan can come from the cooperation between the private and public sector.