Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Salvador: Blue Post’s gastronomic journey

Of apples and lemons

REMEMBER Blue Post? It’s the recreation bar along Bajada that opened in 1995. The watering hole go-to for a cold beer and a good game of billiards. It was a daring move for the owners to open in that address considering all the happening bars were at the city center. Location though didn’t become a problem, the bar lured in its niched clientele.

It was transformed to a concept restaurant, the Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. It’s where piping hot crustaceans in bags come out of the kitchen and dining with bare hands is encouraged.

The mother branch soon gave birth to branches in Davao, Manila and soon in Albay. The “it’s fun to be messy” experience is spreading and with it, the gratification of the “vandal” within. In these places, graffiti is legal.

“Mangaon ta” is the sister restaurant’s invitation to dine. Antonio’s serves progressive Filipino fare, Pinoy dishes with a twist, which are “iladong lami” (known to be delicious). Those who have tried the crispy pata will be nodding in agreement.

Established in Davao, it now has seven branches nationwide with the 8th branch opening in Legaspi City soon.

Recently born is the newest member of the restaurant family, Union Market. It’s a pasteleria, taperia, and brasserie. Steaks, Spanish tapas and paellas are some of the entries on the menu, so are the La Rose Noire’s collection of delicious French desserts. This is where you go to for macarons and other delights.

Today, Blue Post is more than just a bar. After 25 years it is now an umbrella corporation with groups of restaurants under it— Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps, Antonio’s and Union Market.

The Blue Post Group recently held a food group trade launch and introduction of the VIP Card at the Azuela cove and invited Davao’s food lovers, friends and partners.

“Our belief and mission of harnessing relationships through our food and our dream of becoming a national brand has to be supported and named as one group who produces world class food service and products. And tonight, we are officially naming it ‘Bluepost Group,’ and we are proud Davao,” said Anthony Ang, Blue Post Group’s President.

“This night is a celebration and reinforcement of our commitment to grow this humble Davao brands to be nationally competitive food and restaurant concept. Enjoy this gastronomic journey thru our food brands and concept.

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