Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wabe: I can(‘t)

Timeout Corner

TRIALS are the instances that will truly test our limits: will we succumb and crumble amidst adversity or will we rise above it and shine in spite of all the storms?

Definitely, a “can do” attitude spells the difference. It’s easy to be happy and optimistic when everything is smooth-sailing. But then, one of the facts of life is that it is never perfect; so hard times will certainly come, sometimes in the form of difficult people or challenging circumstances. We individuals have different crosses to bear and having a good outlook helps us carry these burdens with grace.

This attitude is something that we all have to train our children to imbibe. Being resilient even in the face of trials is a trait that has to be taught early. That’s why tempting as it may be to shield our children from hardships, it is a huge disservice to them if we always intervene to fight their battles, making them ill-equipped to face life. They need to realize early on that the world can be cruel and the people living in it will not always cater to them the way mommy and daddy do. Hovering robs them of teachable moments, which is rather unfortunate because parents will not be around to come to the rescue.

Lesson 1: Don’t fear failure

Teach kids not to fear failing or committing mistakes because people tend to be stuck in the same place when they don’t have the courage to try. The biggest fear ought to be regret—the what if, the what could have been, or the why didn’t I go for it. If we continue to let our fears rule our life, we will be relegated to playing small, to never growing, and to being remembered for nothing. The purpose of our lives is to live out our dreams and turn them into reality. It is essential to step out of our comfort zones, so we can learn from enriching experiences, build deeper relationships, and leave this place better than we found it. Doing anything less is a disfavor to ourselves and to He who gave us life.

Lesson 2: Challenges make us stronger

From the onset, kids need to learn that difficult things help humans evolve. We are all akin to diamonds in the rough that need to go through fire to sparkle. There is no easy way out! Yes, life is beautiful, but it can be filled with complications. Sometimes, we are forced to change because of challenges. It is not always pleasant, especially for a creature of comfort. Ironically, change is ever constant and inevitable, so we need to learn how to deal and adapt in order to not wither but to grow. In the face of challenges, it is much easier to wallow in pity, complain, or cave under pressure. But the real courage is pushing forward to live and thrive with hope in our hearts because of the realization that we will always be greater than what we suffer. See challenges as opportunities to be better!

Lesson 3: Never give up

In difficult situations, there is always that temptation to just throw in the towel and give up. The true test has always been going above the feeling of frustration and defeat that want us to keep on staying down. However, it is important to learn to never succumb to these feelings. Maybe we cannot do something just YET, but it doesn’t mean we will be unable to do it forever. Always remember: don’t be afraid of opposition because a kite rises against the full force of the wind. All the hardships we face are preparing us and molding us to the person we are meant to be. The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph because nothing worth having ever comes easy.

Lesson 4: Be a winner not whiner

It is very easy to complain, however, understand that perpetually complaining is a spiritual sickness of people plagued with self-doubt, self-pity, and self-loathing. In their disappointment in life, complainers also lack the most important thing which is trust in God.

Forever whining is a self-centered discontent that brings absolutely no good to anyone. Thus, it is essential to teach our children to complain less and DO more. Don’t like something...then move to change it! Winners don’t necessarily get gold, but they are the happier fellas because they know in their hearts that they have worked hard, and are therefore, one step closer to achieving their dreams.

Perhaps, we are all guilty of running to our children’s rescue when the going gets tough. It is really hard to watch our children struggle. But we as parents shouldn’t live our children’s lives for them. We are here to guide, set good examples, and offer sound advice. Though difficult, we have to let our children navigate life, stumble at times, experience hardships, and then rejoice when they get back on their feet. Letting children experience these things, while knowing they’ve got our support, means the world. Giving the room to grow is the only way to set our kids up for success.