Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fake dentist nabbed by police in a makeshift clinic in Cebu City

THE clients of alleged fake dentist Karen Sombilon Bucog didn’t know that she used shoe glue to attach dentures as if their gums were soles of their feet. “It’s toxic,” said Dr. Lucilo Niñal Jr., the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) national vice chairman for the Visayas. Bucog, 35, was arrested last Thursday in her house, which is her makeshift dental clinic, in Barangay Pardo, Cebu City. PDA Cebu Chapter President Dr. Felix Asoy said improper dental procedure can lead to infection and even death. Asoy said they learned about Bucog’s operation after a patient came to the clinic of Niñal to have a tooth extracted. Niñal saw that the patient had dentures and braces at the same time, which should not have happened if a dentist did it. Bucog, who used Facebook to promote her services, admitted her mistake in an interview with reporters yesterday. She claimed she learned her dental skills when she was working as an assistant to a dentist abroad. Bucog will be sued for violation of the Illegal Practice of Dentistry. Dr. George Evangelista, PDA Cebu Chapter incoming president, said they have a list of suspected fake dentists and have asked CIDG 7 to investigate them. (KAL)