WHAT: Cocktail reception in commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia

Where: The Grand Ballroom of the Marco Polo Hotel

Who came: Members of the diplomatic corps, city government officials, corporate and media guests

It’s an annual event hosted by the Indonesian Consulate in Davao City. This year, Indonesian Consul General Berlian Napitupulu and Mme. Elisabeth Napitupulu, celebrated the 73rd Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia with Davao’s distinguished personalities.

“Indonesia is one of the most diverse nations in the world with 17,508 islands, 742 ethnic groups and thousands of languages. Amid our diversity, our founding fathers guided by the motto ‘unity in diversity’ agreed to have one nation, one motherland and one language,” said Napitupulo in his speech. He then shared the country’s economic growth landing them as 15th largest economy in the world; the steady growth of the trade relations of Indonesia and the Philippines and the two republic’s 69 years of bilateral relations; and Indonesia’s trade and cultural projects across Mindanao.

Mayor Sara Duterte, thru Atty. Zulaika Lopez, extended her warm greetings to the Indonesians and said, “As neighbors in the Asean, we share not only cultural similarities but also parallel histories, including our emancipation from foreign powers and our nations’ journey to progress. As you mark the 73rd anniversary of Indonesian independence, may the memory of the brave men and women instrumental in the liberation of your nation inspire you to continue to move forward as one Bangsa Indonesia toward the peace, progress and prosperity of the country.”

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