WITH the intense competition among service and hospitality providers in Cebu it is more important now to always be in the best shape to stay on top.

And to be in top shape, a business must not only have good facilities and amenities but more importantly have people who see their role in the business as crucial in fulfilling and exceeding guests’ expectations.

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In this industry, having the right people is one of the biggest advantages one can have. But this same advantage also comes with a difficult challenge–the responsibility of nurturing and cultivating these team members to individuals who perform.

How to keep them motivated? Many, if not all, organizations are doing their best to provide their employees with training that best benefits the individual and the organization.

Known to be a major motivator, the training and development provided by an organization is key as it keeps individuals updated with the latest trends and equip them with new strategies that not only enable them to go about the daily work loads and challenges but allow them to become better both personally and professionally.

At Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa, team members are trained to become Masters of the Art of Hospitality through globally recognized brand training as expected of five-star properties.

And to become Masters of the Art of Hospitality, all team members must first become a Master of the Art of Service.

At the Hilton, team members undergo a year-long program that allows each them to practice their service skills until they have mastered it to effortless perfection.

The art of service may be executed differently by different people and is valued differently by different people too.

But it is only at the Hilton, whether in the Philippines or anywhere in the globe, that they execute the art of service in a manner that makes the feel the light and warmth of true hospitality. This program cultivates the best traits and skills of each individual and it is the standard that Hilton has set to be mastered by all of its team members.

So the next time one visits the Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa expect nothing but inspirational service that is hassle-free, consistent and personalized.