AFTER successfully penetrating the floral industry of Cagayan de Oro, September Blooms, a Davao-grown flower shop, has finally opened last Tuesday, September 18, its first permanent store caters not only flower enthusiasts but chocolate lovers as well.

Located at 9th-16th Nazareth Street, near Bubble Brew, the newly-opened floral and choco shop offers imported flowers and products made of tablea, which are first class seedlings from Davao.

“My lola used to have tablea, so I was thinking to myself that what if I'm going to incorporate tablea in the market, not just the mainstream chocolates na Hersheys, or whatsoever. So we decided to put it up,” Kristine Sarceda, the general manager of September Blooms Flower Shoppe, said.

According to Sarceda, the idea to add tablea-made items in their products is due to the fact that people tend to purchase chocolates to pair with the flowers.

“People are like looking for flowers and they buy chocolates in the mall. So we thought of doing something like, what if we provide the chocolates itself and then we have the flowers and the client won't need to go to other areas,” she said.

At present, September Blooms is serving Chocolate Mousse, made from powdered Dutch chocolate topped with vanilla cream, chocolate kisses and chocolate chip cookie, which costs P125 per bottle; tablea pouch that weighs 160 grams for P120; and imported Danish style cookies worth P135 per canister.

They also have Choco Revel Cupcakes that costs P45 (without frosting) and P60 (with frosting) for a single cupcake; and P250 (without frosting) and P300 (with frosting) for a box with six cupcakes.

And their signature product, the surprise in the box, from P1,800 to P2,500 depending on the size.

Apart from their choco products, September Blooms, which is known for its imported and fresh flowers, is incorporating a new floral product wherein locally-grown flowers are used and arranged in a stylish way.

“Most of the Kagay-anon knows that we are known to deliver imported flowers in a styling, we would want also to let them understand how local [flowers] look gorgeous in a certain style if a very good arrangement has been given. Depende kasi yan sa pag deliver ng arrangement ng flowers,” Sarceda said.

The floral-choco shop general manager also expressed gratitude to the Kagay-anons for welcoming and trusting their shop, especially that this year they are celebrating their sixth year anniversary.

“Hopefully, we will serve you more and don't worry, I'm going to give my best for all of you guys and I hope I can give it at a price wherein not too expensive, not too low but the quality is not compromised at the same time,” Sarceda said.