THE two teenagers who were killed in Barangay Cansumoroy, Balamban were not shot, autopsy findings showed.

However, results of a paraffin test conducted on the two teens and on British man Frank Richard Bell showed they were positive of gunpowder burns.

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Acting Cebu Provincial Police Office Director Erson Digal said the autopsy report of Supt. Nestor Sator showed that wounds on Marlon Allan Flores Borja, 19, and his cousin Harold Flores, 17, were initially thought to be caused by gunshots but were just a result of the impact of the crash.

Another puzzle they have to solve is how Bell tested positive for gunpowder burns.

Flores and Borja also tested positive for gunpowder burns.

Last Sunday, Bell reported to the Provincial Intelligence Branch that he was ambushed by two men on a motorcycle in Barangay Cansumoroy.

He was with his Filipina wife, daughter and nanny aboard his Kia Sorento headed for Cebu City when two men allegedly overtook him from the left and started shooting.

The vehicle had five bullet holes, one of which shot through the windshield, shattering the glass and causing injuries on Bell’s face.

At the same time, police in Balamban were investigating what initially was thought of as a shooting incident after two male bodies were found sprawling on the ground at the Transcentral Highway.

Police are now looking into a love triangle as the reason for the attack after Borja’s father told police that his son had an affair with Bell’s wife.

With these results, Digal said Bell is still not considered a suspect. He explained his testing positive for gunpowder burns could be due to other factors.

He said the case is still under investigation.

The five empty shells found along the road in Barangay Cansumoroy will be cross matched with the slugs Bell recovered from his car.

The motorcycle used by the cousins was taken to the Regional Crime Laboratory yesterday to see if scratches on the Kia Sorento matched the color of the motorcycle.