LONDON—The cancellation of the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, which was supposed to be held next month is a blessing in disguise for all the global boxing fans.

Instead of witnessing only one super fight for this year, boxing fans will be treated with three super fights as Pacquiao will fight the dangerous Ghanian Joshua Clottey on March 13 in Dallas, Texas while Mayweather is set to clash with Shane Mosley on May 1 in Las Vegas.

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Then the winners of these two mega fights will surely meet in a mega-mega promotion later this year, probably during the summer time--that of course if Mayweather will definitely sign the contract to fight Mosley.

Although I always doubt any report that comes from the Golden Boy camp anymore. I will only believe until seeing Mosley and Mayweather finally climb up the ring.

Mosley has been clamouring for a big fight since last year. He has called for Manny but Top Rank, Pacquiao’s promoter, has not put him in the front line and was eyeing Mayweather for the mega fight.

The “out-of-this-world” demand of Mayweather, however, scuttled the fight against Pacquiao and Top Rank was forced to let Clottey in for the Philippine legend instead.

Clottey is a very dangerous fighter for Pacquiao as he has never been knocked out in his career. He has three losses in 39 fights, two of them on controversial decisions and one via disqualification. He scored 20 knockouts.

His last deafeat was a split decision setback from another Pacquiao victim Miguel Cotto in June last year, while the other one was a uninimous decision defeat to Antonio Margarito in 2006.

Clottey was disqualified in his match against Carlos Manuel Baldomir in their brutal battle at the Wembley Arena here in London, in 1999.

The 32-year-old Clottey could knockout our Philippine hero anytime in their 12-round championship bout on March 13 at the brandnew multi-billion Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Dallas Texas because of his power. Just look at his muscles and review his fights in YouTube and you will know how dangerous he is.

An orthodox fighter, he has the same style with Miguel Cotto but slower.

However, he is tailor-made for the quickness of Pacman. Even his countrymen here in London would not bet their hard-earned sterling for Clottey.

But Pacquiao has to watchout for his left hook. Clottey is a very strong puncher and we still do not know if Pacquiao could handle the punch. We should know that on fight night.

My best high school mate Jong-jong Gacasan lives in Austin, Texas which is more than three hours drive from Dallas. I called him the other day to remind him of the Pacman-Clottey bout.

He said he will be contented in watching the fight in his living room with his wife Ethel and his daughter Erica and son Anthony. I explained to him how important this fight is for this might be Pacquiao’s first and last near his home.

I told him that there might be no more opportunity for him again to watch the Pac Man live in action. I also said that I have seen Pacquiao fight already when he was still starting his legendary career but if I have the money a week before March 13 then I might fly to Texas and drag him with me to watch Pac Man demolish the Ghanian grandmaster.

Now he is thinking about fixing his schedule for the much-awaited event. By March 13, he might be one of the thousands of Filipinos living in the USA who would cheer for our ‘National Fist’. He can tell then his grand children, “I have seen a legend once here in Texas.” GOD BLESS.