Boomerang: Hero today

(Clockwise from top left Justin Angelo Manalo, Emmanuel Dador, Jerzey Mae Taghoy, and Von Micah Saw)
(Clockwise from top left Justin Angelo Manalo, Emmanuel Dador, Jerzey Mae Taghoy, and Von Micah Saw)

THESE are people we often see in movies and perhaps read in our history books. Their deeds may even be featured in news items, such as in the ongoing rescue operations and donations for the survivors of the massive landslide in the City of Naga that buried many houses, leaving hundreds of families homeless. These may be kind individuals who do extraordinary things for others during ordinary days. How do people define heroes today?

The true modern day heroes are people who can make a difference. They are people who can influence others to do good things. They show extraordinary selflessness above and beyond the call of duty. --Justin Angelo Manalo, 24, speech language pathologist

A modern-day hero possesses a noteworthy characteristic of being able to think and do things for the sake of others more than his own. This is a person who inspires us to reach for our goals. --Emmanuel Dador, 20, aeronautics student (Cebu Aeronautical Technical School)

Any of us can be a modern-day hero! Its qualification is not limited to being famous, having super powers or dying courageously. A modern-day hero simply embodies sincere service and nobility without asking for any recognition or reward. --Jerzey Mae Taghoy, 21, architectural apprentice

We need people who are willing to take action. Every person can be a hero in his own good, helpful ways. --Von Micah Saw, 20, student/music artist

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