IMAGINE yourself part of a scene in your favorite TV series. It can be very exciting. I know.

But such is not the case when I found myself inside the “Upside Down” world of Netflix’s Stranger Things haunted house. It was more of a mix of exciting and scary.

I don't frighten easily but experiencing Universal Studios Singapore's annual Halloween Horror Nights (HNN) was an excuse.

I’m a fan of this hit Netflix series and being transported into its 12 artfully recreated scenes and storylines was hell of an experience. I’m talking about the scenes from the menacing Hawkins National Laboratory, to the Byers home adorned with an erratic display of flashing Christmas lights and the eerie Upside Down woods. And yes, you get to meet the Demogorgon, a monster from the parallel dimension or the Upside Down.

The Stranger Things house offered everything a fan could want, giving one more reasons to experience again Singapore’s largest and most iconic Halloween event.

For its eighth year, thrill seekers can take a pick or experience all the five haunted houses - Pontianak, Killuminati, The Haunting of Oiwa, Pagoda of Peril, and Netflix's Stranger Things.

The horror event’s initiative to feature two of the most horrifying tales in Asian folklore such as the legend of the Pontianak and The Haunting of Oiwa was commendable.

In Pontianak house, one should tread carefully in a Malay village as they survive the various hair-raising scenes and stories of the Pontianak unfolding before their eyes, from how she was created, to the banana trees where she resides, and the laundry area where she sniffs out the next victim.

For The Haunting of Iowa, be chilled as one will have a face-to-face with Lady Oiwa from the Edo-era of Japan. She returned from the dead seeking revenge after being poisoned by her unfaithful husband.

In a separate house, discover the vampire-laden secret rooms in Killuminati, a Chinese secret society of vampires that has existed for centuries.

Navigate your way through the Chinese-themed Pagoda of Peril, filled with malevolent demons and terrifying spirits trapped in this eternal prison, fighting in fury as they seek to find freedom.

HNN8 also brings Western-themed scare zones and live shows. Get thrown into chaos at Apocalypse: Earth and Cannibal. Or join Gideon Grim in DEADTalks!

Another must-try activity is the Zombie Laser Tag, an action-packed laser tag battle against an army of zombies thirsty for blood. In our team, I killed seven zombies, it felt good when you were able to defeat those monsters.

No, the whole thing wasn’t downright terrifying for me but enough to make me want to wish that I shouldn’t have entered the haunted houses in the very first place.

I was with a bunch of easily-scared media friends and you can literally hear their panicked screams in every stops of our press tour. I can’t blame them, it really was scary.

Halloween Horror Nights 8 runs from September 27 to Oct 31, 2018 at Universal Studios, Resorts World Sentosa.