CHRISTIANNE Joyce Caballero Pineda better known as "CJ" Pineda is a grade six student from Capitol University Basic Education Department.

Cj is a competitive swimmer often excelling in her favorite event, the breaststroke.

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She has already qualified in various national competitions in swimming including the most recent first National Milo Olympics where she placed third in 50-meter breaststroke.

CJ is fondly called by her classmates and swim mates as the "breaststroker ng bayan." But apart from swimming she is also one of the trusted leaders in her school.

She is also an elocutionist and ranked sixth place in the Capes elocution contest here in CDO. With consistent high grades in her school, CJ is not the nerdy type. Her friends find her easy to get along with as a smart and funny gal. Her peers admire her on how she manages her time between studies and her sport. CJ is also a singer in her own right.

CJ has her own motto, which says "If you are able to do it once, you can definitely do it again." A motto she applies in her life everyday. A motto that she takes as a challenge because when a challenge comes in her way she just smiles and face these challenges head on.

She does her daily swim practice at the Pelaez Sports Center 50m pool from Monday to Saturday afternoons. She trains with Ricardo Balanay under the Cagayan de Oro Swim Club where she is a member. CJ is also a member of the Philippine Aquatic Sports Association, Inc. (Pasa). (Lito Rivera)