MANILA -- A TOP Malacañang official denied rumored secret meetings of Nationalista Party presidential candidate Manuel “Manny” Villar Jr. with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said no meeting with Villar has ever taken place and will not going to happen in the future.

“Definitely not. I do not know and I doubt if that could happen…No such thing,” Ermita said.

He likened this issue to a curve ball being thrown by baseball pitcher simply aimed to muddle the political arena. “That is just a political propaganda.”

The palace official was certain that stealthy meetings between Villar and Arroyo are remote since the President is “determined and four square” behind administration candidate former defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr.

“The President as head of the government and head of the (Lakas-Kampi-CMD) party is very confident that we have the best choice as presidential candidate in former defense secretary Gibo Teodoro so that will never happen. We are that confident,” ended Ermita. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)