THE success of themed phones was such a hit that the Solid Group, makers of the sole Filipino brand, My Phone, has released a new themed phone in time for the commemoration of the 1986 People Power Revolution.

Dubbed as the Ninoy and Cory phones, the dominantly yellow phones complete with the insignia of Ninoy's glasses is also filled with features about the couple, which ranges from prayers, a biography, trivia, inspirational messages, and even a gallery of photos.

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Roy Garcia, owner of the My Phone concept store in Davao City, told Sun.Star Davao that the Ninoy-Cory concept phone will also come in QWERTY edition, similar to the New Moon edition that the brand released late last year.

"This is released as a tribute to the late President Cory and National Hero Ninoy, who both played crucial roles in the restoration of Philippine democracy," Garcia said. "During the death of President Cory last year, we all saw how much the Filipinos loved her."

Initially planned to be released only for the members of the Aquino family, the Ninoy-Cory phone was released to the public due to the positive results of the previous concept phones.

Other concept phones that My Phone has released would include the New Moon phone, which is themed around New Moon characters and settings, the Pinoy Phone, which contains several Filipino features and trivia.

In the works are concept phones for other key personalities like Manny Pacquaio and Iglesia ni Kristo leader Ka Erdy Manalo.

"Also, My Phone is one of the growing brands in the country, as it shows that quality is not equal to a hefty price tag," Garcia said citing the strong performance of My Phone in 2009.