THE Cagayan de Oro City Council has two daily newsletters-English and dialect editions-on which updates on legislation and activities of its members are published.

The February 4 issue on the Cebuano edition, however, appears to have diverted from its usual stroke: It contained a statement of Vice Mayor Emano wooing for votes.

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Vice Mayor Emano, who is eyeing a comeback after completing three mayoral terms in 2007, was quoted thanking the market and Night Café vendors for their purported "support".

In the succeeding paragraph, Emano launched into a familiar campaign theme: "Uban sa inyong pagsalig, kami, kung ugaling man hatagan sa bag-ong higayon, maningkamot gayud sa dugang pag-alagad sa mga kabus."

(With your trust, we, if ever afforded another chance, would strive to serve the poor more.)

The news item in the Kamatouran (truth) newsletter was headlined: "VYE Mipasalamat sa suporta sa Night Café, Mkt vendors."

Just like its English edition, the Power, Kamatouran is a taxpayer-paid newsletter because it is written by City Council staff. (DVA)