IN ONE of the legends of creation, with his hands, God designed and formed man out of clay. And with their hands, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Picasso and many great painters and sculptors were able to do masterpieces acclaimed all over the world.

The hands of man were indeed designed by God to do good, creative and wonderful stuff. With his inspiration, volition, talents and skills, man can resonate the beautiful into different pieces of visual arts. In art, man manifests the many forms of expressions -- all pleasurable to the senses. And for many people who are eager and ready to explore what the hands can do to express the beauty of the world, they produce various art forms.

Many of our young and talented people today are very interested in finding out what makes things beautiful. They want to express their God-given talents. Art allows these young artists to discover and re-discover more of themselves. And with their hands, our young people can do something beautiful.

And beautiful, and even more than this adjective, goes with “Kinamot”, a visual exhibit of the Grupo Letras Y figures (GLyF) and some guests artists at the Museu Negrense de La Salle.

The show, which opened last February 2, 2010 and which will run until the 19th of this month was sponsored by the University’s Culture and Arts Program and the school-based museum, Museu Negrense de La Salle.

The participating artists are: John Renel Andrew Fernandez, George Carlo Franco F. Patriarca, Francine Marie Villanueva, Ellen Carmona-Kochoa, Ma. Veniza Joy Labayen, John Terence Ematong, Dianne Andas, Erin Gabrielle T. Santos, Beatriz de Oca, Jonathan Panes, Illiana Libo-on, Tiffany Alteza C. Untal, Renee Posecion, and Jennifer Yulo.

USLS student-artists whose artworks are showcased in “Kinamot” exhibit come from varying courses- some from engineering, others from the arts, some from nursing, business and other fields. Guest artists are also USLS-based: Ellen Carmona-Kochoa, with her “Soltera series”, teaches Humanities and does full-time Audio-visual Room Center coordinatorship; Renee Posecion is a staff member of Balayan, while Jennifer Yulo is with the Center for Institutional Development.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Santos and Ms. Irene Gaston cut the ribbon during the opening of the exhibit last February 2, 2010. Ms. Rona Fernandez, Assistant Museum Curator and Ms. Jennelyn Magtajas, Museum Secretary provided gracious welcome and support. Students and guests are just but awed with the kind of artworks displayed in the exhibit. And admiration and encouragement are but firm supports which are concretized and freely given to the artists, the patrons and the sponsors who made the art exhibit possible.

“Kinamot” shows what beauty man’s hands can do. From terra cotta to paintings, which were done in different media of acrylic, charcoal, pen and ink or mixed with other forms, the visual exhibit “Kinamot” shows that talent abounds in us.

What beauty our students and our young professionals can do only speaks that God, indeed, has gifted man with the flair for creating- and re-creating splendor and magnificence.

We long for beauty in our lives. We wish for sights upon which we could feast our eyes and satisfy our hunger for the good, the true and the beautiful. .And with our gifts, we could make this longing come true. And probably we can start creating beauty with our hands.

Try to visit the Museu Negrense de la Salle and watch the visual artworks in“Kinamot” which will run until February 19, 2010. And you will see, and reflect, that with what our hands can do, we can make our lives and our world more beautiful.