EWW! Yuck! These words are uttered by somebody who has seen something or heard unpleasant, dirty, humiliating. These expressions carry negative connotations. Some people would use body signs like covering the nose, raising one’s eyebrow, frown over or cover one’s mouth. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, we normally disdain something awful.

What words could be more to describe the behaviors of our beloved senators of this country during last Tuesday’s session? I felt like crying because my taxes which helped pay for the salaries of these people had gone to waste. They are supposed to be symbols of statesmanship and leadership, but their behavior borders on the inept and childishness.

And they have the guts to run for higher office or reelection? I pray that the electorate have been enlightened by the recent events and choose carefully this coming election, for the votes will either bring us to a time of uplifting change or more time of worsening state for the country.

A wise prefect of mine in the seminary once told me that before you say anything to a person, you have to think many times before saying it. He implies that I should be sensitive enough to understand the person’s feelings, and that if I intend to correct the person, I must do it in a way that is corrective, not punitive in nature. I admit that I have a hard time complying that one especially that sometimes my temper would get in the way. But the way that the senators behave in the august hall of the senate is not in accordance with their code of ethics and far from what I may do. Anyway, at least one of them walked out maybe because the senator could not stomach their antics anymore.

No wonder our country continues to suffer from these hideous personalities. Looking at the other side of the coin, they however gave us a clearer picture of what kind of persons they really are and that should give us a reason whether to elect them or not. The latest episode should help us decide also whether we need these persons or not. Most of the Philippine presidents and vice presidents came from the senate, and with this crazy antics of theirs, we might be forced to look for other choices. It is a choice whether we want this country to further go down to the dregs or not.

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