Renato de Jesus
Speak out

PRO-LIFE advocates will find a lot to be happy about in Cagayan de Oro.

First, the bishop is actively pro-life. In fact, he is a tireless promoter of natural family planning (NFP), chalking up a record of sorts as the bishop with the most number of NFP initiatives in the country.

The sitting mayor, Mayor Tinnex Jaraula, is on record as saying that, so long as he sits, contraceptives will not find an official sponsor in City Hall; in fact, he has vowed to throw contraceptives into the Cagayan de Oro River. The problem is his term expires in June, and he’s not seeking reelection. I can only hope the next mayor will be as discerning.

There’s also an active pro-life group in the city—ServeLife. Composed of dedicated professionals, ServeLife has campaigned actively for pro-life interests, and has, in fact, become a model for other provinces to follow.

Finally, judging from the topics in the op-ed pages of the local dailies, there seems to be a lively interest on the subject of contraception.

I will not add anything to the debate concerning Onan as the same has been discussed at length in another daily. I will try to show Sun.Star readers, however, that God couldn’t possibly be for contraception for the simple reason that the conjugal act is how God willed for human life to come into being. How could God create sex so that our planet will be peopled, and then approve of contraception which thwarts it?

I mean, it’d have been very easy for God to will that every third year starting on his 30th birthday, life will spring forth from Adam in the form of a grown man, that Adam will continue to reproduce thus till he’s 100 years old, after which he’d die. Likewise, it’d be very easy for God to will that on his 30th birthday, every “offspring” of Adam will himself spring forth a grown man, and will continue to do so once every three years till he’s 100, and then he’d die.

But did God do that? No. Instead God took the circuitous route of first creating Eve off Adam’s rib, and with the reproductive facility given each, come together in a total giving of one to the other, exclusive and for life, leaving the conjugal act open to the possibility of the transmission of life as God pleases, so that from their union, babies will be born whom the couple will love and nurture so that they will become “godly offspring” as God wants them to be.

Note that, in the thousands (or is it millions?) of years of human history, God has not willed another way for human life to be created. Which probably confirms God’s preference for this particular way of creating human life from nothing, a choice God makes over the infinite possibilities open to him. In fact, it’s worth noting that, when he did come as man, God became one also according to this method.

Which, come to think of it, is not very difficult to understand why, if only we remember what God’s purpose is in creating human life. The reason’s really simple: God wants to share his happiness with man. Which means that God simply doesn’t want seven hundred thousand souls to share his happiness in heaven, but seventy times seven hundred thousand souls. Now you’d probably ask: wouldn’t that result in overcrowding in heaven? The answer could only be no, there’s absolutely no danger of overcrowding, for the simple reason that it’s God who has the finger on the button, so to speak.

It’s easy to see then, that, since God has willed that a man and woman should come together in a total giving of one to the other as the means of creating human life, God would clearly be against ANYTHING that says otherwise.

Contraception, then, is clearly abhorrent to God, to the extent that it may thwart God’s will, foiling a conception which God has already started, making it impossible for conception to occur, or worst, killing a human being already formed but not yet born. (Email: