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IT’S two weeks into the NBA season and there have been a few surprises insofar as the teams that have been expected to surge ahead based on their accomplishments the previous season and new manpower acquisitions.

Expectedly, the defending champions Golden State Warriors are 6-1 while Boston is at 4-2. Milwaukee is surprisingly the sole undefeated team as of this writing at 7-0, but everybody was bullish on Giannis Antetokounmpo eventually finding his spot in the limelight and this could potentially be his breakthrough season.

Unexpectedly, last year’s runner up in the Western Conference Finals, the Houston Rockets as well as powerhouse Oklahoma City Thunder are both mired at 1-4. Again, it’s too early to tell and predict any patterns, but these teams should start worrying if they do not get their act in order pretty soon, especially in the tough Western Conference.

The Toronto Raptors seem to be very happy with Kwahi Leonard in the fold and they are now at 6-1 while the San Antonio Spurs seem to be doing okay also with Demar deRozan leading them to a 4-2 slate with 2 wins over the Los Angeles Lakers.

LEBRON. Speaking of the Lakers, Lebron James just could not quite deliver in the closing minutes of a heartbreaking 143-143 loss to the San Antonio Spurs last week.

Actually “The King” had those LA skeptics believing when he landed a three pointer from several feet beyond the arc to extend the game into overtime, but blew it when he bricked two free throws and missed a three pointer just as time expired in the extension period.

This team lacks shooters and so they have favored a run-and-gun offense but there is the issue of a possible burnout or fatigue later in the season if they keep up this pace.

Looks like another challenge for Lebron this season is to step up and simply shoot better percentages. That of course includes his notorious free throw shooting.

Ironically, he is having his best free throw percentage his season at 79% but he is Lebricking it at the three point area with 20%.

LAST ROUND. It’s on little cherub Matizsha Derrin Quijano who recently turned a year old. Cheers!


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