CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — The City Government of San Fernando and the Chinese-Filipino community here will be holding the first official celebration of the Chinese New Year on February 12 and 13.

The celebration will highlight the contribution of the Chinese-Filipino community on the development of this city.

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Ben Sy, a local businessman and an official of the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “This is the only time that we could give the celebration a much closer focus.  There would be lion and dragon dances, fireworks and other attractions.”

Ang, a member of the younger Chinese-Filipinoa bloc in the city, said that most of her fellow Filipino-Chinese friends are excited to participate in the coming events, which would be held in front of the City Hall. She said that there will also be Chinese merchandise, food and delicacies to be exhibited and sold in bazaars to be set-up on the said dates.

“It would be an event where everybody could be at one with us and just feel the spirit of the Chinese New Year.  Most of the people in the city have not seen activities associated with the Chinese New Year, this is their chance to become part of such activities,” Ang said. (Ian Ocampo Flora)