THE word “photography” is based on two Greek words: “photos” meaning “light” and “graphos” meaning “to write,” more or less. So apparently there is more to shooting photos than just a good camera.

“Proper lighting in photography is very important. There’s nothing to write if there’s no light,” photographer Teddy Uy shares. He is part owner of a new photography shop here in the metro.

This new shop is logically named Exposure Photographics Incorporated, and is located at the third floor of SM City Cebu’s main mall.

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Exposure provides photo services, like high definition printing, studio shots, as well as photography equipments for sale.

But what makes this store a cut above the rest is the fact that it purchased a printing machine—that would the Noritsu QSS-37HD—which costs around P5 million.

According to Teddy, as far as he knows, they’re the only one here in the southern part of the country with this technology. “Business side, it’s not a good move,” Teddy shares as he shakes his head. The math is simple. How can you manage to get a return of your investment by just printing photos? And, in fact, they charge customers the same cost as other studios do, but the quality is by far at its peak. But for love of the art and “out of hobby,” this company was born.

But that is not all. An interesting thing about this place that all readers should know about is that it is also a “photography school.”

The lessons are held during Friday and Saturday nights, and are limited to only 10 people per batch. The class meets once a week for one and a half hours.

Teddy explains that he only meets with the class once a week because he believes that the rest of the time should be spent in rigorous practice.

The photography courses include: studio photography, wedding photography, glamour photography, and travel photography.

Teddy is also the guy who handles the classes here. He is a winner of numerous photo contests (including the grand prize of one that this paper organized just last year.) He has been a photographer since 1988; is a member of the Images camera club of Cebu; and was able to enroll in the New York Institute of Photography.

“I would like this place to be known as ‘a home for the photo hobbyists and professional photographers.’ The reason for such is that if you notice, it’s hard for photographers to have someone to talk to without being regarded as ‘weird’ if he’s not talking to a fellow photographer,” Teddy shares a common sentiment most photographers have.

Teddy mentions that the company also wants to play a part in “equipping Filipinos with this skill” (photography).

“Abroad, Filipinos are known to have great musical skills. If we add photography, then we’ll not just be common laborers,” he says.

With this store joining other numerous developments in town, Cebu is just getting better and better. Perhaps almost picture-perfect.