MARRIED life can best be symbolized by the cruising of an airplane at 35,000 feet, complete with smooth winds, air pockets, and turbulence, and of course, the best views of sunrise and sunsets.

Polly and Ivan's love story, which began eight years ago, can also be best described that way, yes, complete with airpockets.

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But with Ivan and Polly maneuvering their relationship, they arrived at their destination.

Last January 30, before family and friends, and before God, Polly and Ivan sealed their love for each other in the holy sacrament of matrimony at the Redemptorist Church with Fr. Danny Montaña as the officiating priest.

It was a day that even the heavens shed tears of joy for the couple who manifested true love.

Ivan Calatrava, the unico hijo of lawyer Francis Calatrava and Judge Norma Ruste-Calatrava, was like a boy in a candy store - his face glowing with sheer happiness and joy that finally, he will be marrying the girl that he so loved.

Polly Garcia, the second daughter of business couple Roy Garcia and Celia Alvarez-Garcia, was like a goddess with ethereal beauty flaunted by the silk brocade with french lace gown in champagne.

Starting as a high school crush turned into a real love story with a happy ending and a joyful start of another love story -- their story as a couple.

If there was a time most challenging for the two, it must have been the past three years. For it was in the past three years when the universe conspired that the two meet and be together. It was the moment when they both cruised at 35,000 feet, with Ivan as a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines and Polly also as a flight attendant for Cebu Pacific.

The eight years of waiting finally paid off, with the couple now journeying for the rest of their lives together, jetsetting around the world, as if each day was their honeymoon.

The wedding itself was light and easy, with candid laughter and a joyous atmosphere in the air.

The Redemptorist Church was transformed into a magnificent garden filled with calla lilies by the expert hands of Noel Tanza of Golden Touch, while the reception venue was transformed into a magnificent hall complete with crystal chandeliers fit for a royal court.

It was followed by a sumptuous feast and revelry at the Tent of Waterfront Insular Hotel. Family, relatives, and friends of the couple, coming in as far as Manila, and even abroad, all joined in wishing the newlyweds a joyful journey in their new flight, called marriage.