CANDIDATES running in the national and local positions were given three days to remove streamers, billboards and tarpaulins that are violating the rules and regulations on campaigning for the May polls.

Section 29 of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) en banc Resolution 8758, implementing rules and regulations of the Fair Elections Act, states that “all materials and advertisements showing the picture, image or name of the person made or done in violation of election laws prior to campaign period shall be immediately removed by said candidate within three days after the effectivity of this rules and the start of campaign period.”

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However, all candidates are advised to place their posters in designated common poster areas, to be installed in spaces frequented by the public, such as plazas, markets, barangay centers and the like, where posters may be readily seen or read.

The Comelec, on the other hand, prohibits the posting of campaign materials in public places such as streets, bridges, public buildings, trees, electric posts and wires, schools, shrines and main thoroughfares.

The Campaign period for national posts is set to begin on Tuesday while local bets will have their own start come March 26. Both will end on May 8.

Last Friday, the poll body released the official guidelines for the forthcoming campaign period, including the limit hours in placing infomercials on television and print advertisements in newspapers etc.

National candidates will only be allowed a total of 120 minutes per station both on free and cable televisions plus another 180 minutes per station in radio.

On the other hand, local candidates are allowed to have 60 minutes per station both on free and cable televisions plus another 90 minutes per station in radio.

Advertisements in the print media were also given limitations to only three times a week either in broadsheets, tabloids or magazines and regardless if they involve national or local candidates.

The allowed size of the advertisements, however, differs with only a maximum of ¼ page for broadsheet and ½ page for tabloids.

Meanwhile, the Comelec will create a task force that will strictly enforce the removal of illegal campaign materials.

Section 28 of the same resolution stated that three-man task force would created with the functions of tearing down campaign materials posted outside the common poster areas as well as those considered as illegal campaign materials that are displayed. (FP/Sunnex)