THE Mr. and Ms. University of Baguio (UB) International 2018, a friendly and interactive competition, was held on November 12 at the UB Centennial Hall.

The objective of pageant is to engage international students into creating an avenue for appreciation of cultural diversity and at the same time to enjoin in the observance of the annual United Nations Day.

I enjoyed every moment as it was like traveling to different countries in one day as I experienced their food, appreciated their national costumes and was entertained by their different cultural dances and songs.

Likewise, foreign students immersed in our vibrant Cordilleran culture.

Special Awards: Mr. and Ms. Congeniality Wadah Al Mohamed (Sudan) and Maral Namvarasl (Iran); Darling of the Crowd Urakawa Daisuke (Japan) and Maral Namvarasl (Iran); Mr. & Ms. Photogenic: Musab Albayari (Jordan) and Anne Marie Brant (USA); Best in Talent Suleman Abdulrahamani Jr. (Ghana) and Ruba Ahmed (Sudan); Best in National Costume Wadah Al Mohamed (Sudan) and Anne Marie Brant (USA).

Kudos to the UB International Students Association officers headed by Alaa Abdulatty (Egypt), UB Office of Student Affairs, Shirley Diño and Ronalyn Banaken (Advisers).