THE Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, which has dethroned India as the nation with the most outsourcing offices, has steadily developed amidst the challenges obtained by shifting landscapes of economy and technology.

As per leading industry experts, the Philippines will likely see a resurgence in the BPO industry as we move towards the end of 2018 and onwards. Such resurgence can be credited to the improving relations of the country with large BPO markets such as the US and Australia, and to the continued support from various local agencies.

But beyond the economic metrics, what makes the Philippines the strongest hub for BPOs? And what makes millennials qualified to join its workforce?

1. High English literacy rate

Perhaps, learning the English language as part of the curriculum pays off well, with Filipino children learning it as early as pre-school. Thus, we rank third in world with an impressive 96.9 percent literacy rate and a neutral accent which give us the edge to be able to work globally.

2. Compatibility with the west

Western Colonization has always been a controversial subject for our people, but it gave the country its deep connection with the western values and culture, even today.

This, along with our natural disposition for hard work, perseverance, humility and hospitality made as a culture that can adapt to any race, from East to West.

3. Steady pool of competency budget-friendly costs

While it is true that BPOs are one of the highest paying industries here with its financially-competitive packages, Filipino talents and skills still intersect quality and affordability, at least for foreigners.

Even for lower costs, we can produce greater quality of work. Hence, that makes us bang for the buck. As kabalens would say, “seselan na la mu.”


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