Mila C. Espina

In my diary

CEBU is “it” when it comes to food, glorious food! Marco Polo Plaza Hotel showcased the best of Cebuano food, called Sugbusog, in January.

Well, the dishes were really nourishing, thanks to Jessica Avila who put the menus together assisted with the hotel’s best chefs.

GM Hans Hauri was more than satisfied and special guest, Rica Bueno—who is the upcoming Department of Tourism (DOT 7) Regional Director after Dawnie Roa relinquishes the office in April 2010—savored the food con mucho gusto, and we all did!

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But the Cebuano delicacies were as usual the prime attractions of the January Suroy, Suroy sa Sugbu in the South.

The local and foreign guests sampled the native lechon and chicken, sea food, fresh veggies and fruits, grilled fish and pork, not to mention the suman, bibingka, torta and what have you. All these, plus the festive dances and landmarks, make Suroy the event to beat. Credit goes to Gov. Gwen Garcia whose tourism council led by Board Member (BM) Agnes Magpale and staff led by Tita Zosa and Bess Francia and Grace Paulino never faltered in attracting tourists to join. It has not lost its colors for the past five years. I never missed it with my family and friends. The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) has always endorsed Suroy to its members.

Cebu Wetland resort

Far from the maddening crowd is the Cebu Wetland resort of Lito and Baby Roden. It does not only offer a refreshing respite from the city noise but likewise has unique mango picking, fishing and restful swimming in a clean swimming pool and waterfalls.

The place has accommodation facilities for seminars and retreats, overnight or weekend vacation. Its food services include native and other cuisines. Catch the splendor of a cool place to unwind at Wetland located in Basak, Pardo, along highway Tagunol. This landmark supports ecotourism and environment preservation and beautification.