BONTOC, Mountain Province – In the quest to mitigate the effects of climate change, Governor Maximo B. Dalog appealed to the people of this province to stop forest fires.

“Let’s help prevent forest fires! Let’s save our young people,” the governor said.

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Dalog said it was observed that early this year, many of the mountain trees in the province are being burned.

Dalog said these rampant fires, if not stopped the soonest, will lead to greater disasters.

“Forest fire is considered (as) one of the most destructive agents of forest denudation,” Dalog said.

Dalog encouraged the community people here to plant forest or fruit bearing trees.

In 2004 upon assumption to office, Dalog issued the Executive Order No. 25 launching the one million tree planting program every year.

In Mountain Province Pinagpagan Community, Health and Social Development outreach, Dalog urged the people to plant trees and encouraged them to register their tree planting areas to the office of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources.

Dalog explained registered tree plantations under the one million tree planting program of the Provincial Government will not only serve as evidence of ownership over the land and trees but will also allow an individual the right to enjoy the fruits of what he had planted over the land without undergoing the tedious process of securing the necessary permits specially with regards to cutting trees.

Dalog said a Paenro Board was organized to consolidate all government and non-government efforts and resources to protect and rehabilitate the forests and watershed areas in the province.

The board will spearhead and oversee the program. They are tasked to make the necessary and appropriate policies to sustain the program.

“It is heartbreaking to see that while various groups and even individuals that focus their advocacy in the preservation of the environment are continuously conducting tree planting activities, we (also) have these merciless people who just burn our trees.” (Wynner Sayaan)