IN A recent trip to Cebu City, my cousin and I forgot about our diets and binged on the different kind of dishes at Feria in Radisson Blu Cebu.

The stylish restaurant is quite big with 240 seats. I just love its tones of brown. Instead of the regular Christmas colors of red, green, and gold. The restaurant went for blue and gold.

Feria's buffet has a lot of options and cuisines you can choose from when having a meal here. The spread included Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Middle Eastern, Indian, Western, and Italian cuisine among many others.

My first round of the buffet had me trying their Quail Egg Siomai, Roasted Duck, Lechon, Humba, and two Middle Eastern dishes. For the second round, I went for the Vegetable Biryani, Chicken Kebab, Broccoli, and Ravioli stuffed with cheese.

Except for the roasted duck, all the dishes I tried were good. Most memorable was the Ravioli and the Humba, which were delicious. I just love the cheesiness of the ravioli and its sauce while the humba was tender and had a good balance of sweet and salty. The roasted duck, while tender, had this strong and odd after taste that can be described as “langsa” in Bisaya.

I also checked out the sushi bar where I had Tamago Nigiri and Kani Nigiri, which were also quite good too.

The dessert spread was also quite good too. I had the Sticky Toffee Pudding, Matcha Cake, Mocha Creme Brulee, Banana Cue Ice Cream, and Maple Walnut Ice Cream. The Mactcha Cake and Mocha Creme Brulee were just ok. Their ice cream was really good. The star of the night has to be their Sticky Toffee Pudding, which has to be one of the best desserts I've had this year. I had seconds of this dessert. It was really good.

Dinner at Feria was a pleasant experience coupled with a pretty good service. Hope to be back here soon in the future.