MAYOR Evelio Leonardia said Monday the scheduled Feb. 12 congressional inquiry on the city’s P250 million “is a political harassment used against the City Government by Representative Monico Puentevella to harm the city administration.”

The congressional inquiry came per Puentevella’s resolution.

But Leonardia said the City Government has not received yet the order copy of the congressional inquiry.

Puentevella was not reached to comment on the issue last night.

Leonardia opined that many congressmen were wondering why the loan of the city is to be investigated.

Leonardia even cited that when the New Government Center was built, it was also through a loan.

“The money was used wisely that benefited the Bacolodnon residents,” said Leonardia.

Critics and opposition group claimed that the city’s loan with the Philippine Veterans Bank “is an added burden to the people of Bacolod because of its charges on tax and interests which the people will shoulder for it.”

He said any banks that engage in servicing local government units, have their own individual evaluations as to their capacity to pay a loan.

Even the Bureau of Local Government and Finance, according to Leonardia, has come up with its own certification that despite of the NGC loan, “Bacolod is still capable to borrow as much as P890 million.”

Leonardia explained that the LGU is allowed as much as 20 percent of its regular budget to be used for developmental servicing.