MANILA -- Malacañang refused to give comment on the sentiment of Gretchen Cojuangco, aunt of administration candidate Gilberto Teodoro, for not supporting the former defense chief in his presidential bid.

Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar said that they regarded this issue as a private matter that needs to be discussed by Teodoro and the family of Gretchen whose husband is business tycoon Danding Cojuangco, chairman emeritus of Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), Teodoro’s former political party.

"We respect the opinion against Teodoro as this involves family issue. This should be treated with dignity and given some right to privacy," said Olivar.

He said that it is normal for a presidential candidate to be hit by many issues and it is all up to the voters on how to weigh such criticisms.

"This (scenario) goes not only for Teodoro but also for other candidates as well. This is additional information for the voters to wait and judge the different candidates who deserves to be elected as president," he said.

In a recent interview in Bacolod City, Gretchen said that they were disappointed over Teodoro's transfer to Lakas-Kampi-CMD.

She said Teodoro did not ask permission from his uncle when he left NPC. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)