Al S. Mendoza

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TALK ‘N TEXT lost it to Ginebra in Game 4. Not in Game 5.

How can you win a series when you decide to throw away one game in a best-of-five affair?

You must be Superman or from Mars to do the improbable, if not impossible.

TNT’s Tropang Texters, alas, had been pulled down into a quicksand--sadly, by no less than their own coach.

For, from any angle you try to look at it, that’s what coach Chot Reyes exactly did to his own Texters.

Isn’t a coach supposed to win games for his team? Not throw away games?

With the Game 4 walkout, Chot gifted Ginebra San Miguel with not just one game but with the precious semifinal slot itself.

If anybody accused Chot of game-fixing, the accuser might be praised for gallantry.

In the PBA, anything can happen. So, don’t be too shocked if the league’s next commissioner would be Noynoy Aquino--that is, if he loses in the May 10 polls.

Chot claimed he ordered the walkout because of spotting officiating.

As per the stats gathered by my Pareng Mike (Limpag) here, Chot’s team had committed 119 fouls to Ginebra’s 83 going to Game 4 of the series.

Such disparity forced Chot to order the walkout? Maybe.

But I think he was way off line.

Chot’s walkout move was actually triggered when Ranidel de Ocampo was slapped a flagrant foul against Gin King Ronald Tubid.

The referee may have erred in the estimation of Chot.

But then again, that was no reason to walk out.

When it happened, Game 4 was then merely 11 minutes old. It was too early in the game to say Ginebra’s lead of 7 points (27-20) was that decisive as to conclude TNT would lose the game.

The movie in Chot’s mind was, Ginebra would eventually win the game?

The easy way out of humiliation for him was to surrender to the demons in his mind? Walking out was the only option left?

Whatever, Chot’s action was a sad chapter to his otherwise checkered coaching career.

Should Ginebra next dump Alaska in the semifinals starting Wednesday, and proceed to win the championship, don’t be surprised if Ginebra’s most honored guest in the victory party would be Coach Chot.

Gratitude is still the highest virtue on Earth.