HOLIDAY Gym and Spa, the premier health and wellness center in Davao City, has brought back the popular and well-loved Holiday Ball workout.

The workout is a type of group exercise class that incorporates the principle of aerobics or cardiovascular exercise combined with muscular strength and muscular endurance training plus flexibility.

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The workout uses different types of balls that are available at Holiday. The workout may incorporate the use of the stability ball, the BOSU balance trainers (half-dome shaped equipment), medicine balls, and the mini balls, depending on the class design the group exercise instructor has prepared for the day.

One of the most popular ball workout that can only be experienced at HGS is the Drum Workout, where stability balls are placed on step risers and used as drums, each participant provided with a pair of drumsticks and taught the different techniques of drumming combined with Latin aerobics, and/or hi-lo choreography.

The Drum Workout is based on Drums Alive that was created by US born Carrie Ekins, and is now popular in the US, Germany, and Japan. The workout is a unique program that is designed to give the mind and body instant feedback through continuous movement and rhythmical flow.

It is a fun program, and has many physical and psychological benefits as well. It increases the heart rate and blood circulation just like an aerobic workout.

In addition, there are many subtle benefits as it eases away stress and tension as well as encourages your mind to stay active whilst working out the entire body. Attending at least 20 minutes of non-stop drumming class is equivalent to burning at least 150 calories.

Aside from using the ball as drums, the group exercise instructors of HGS were also certified and trained by master trainer of Resist-A-Ball, Lawrence Biscontini, in using the stability ball for different exercises such as using the ball while doing a hi-lo type of aerobics, or part of toning/ strengthening exercises, as an additional equipment for Pilates and even Yoga classes.

The instructors were also trained and certified by Lawrence to teach exercises using the BOSU balance trainers.

HGS is proud to be the only gym in Davao and Cebu City to have these small equipments readily available for use both for individual and group training, and as well as having gym instructors and group exercise instructors trained and certified to teach exercises using the stability ball and BOSU balance trainer.